Friday, September 24, 2021

Fantastic Four #35 (60th Anniversary Issue)


   While I don't buy most new comics (for lots of reasons), I couldn't let this milestone pass by unnoticed, and the (once) World's Greatest Comic hit a major milestone this month, celebrating 60 years since the first issue appeared in 1961.

   The Fantastic Four comic has been through lots of ups and downs over the years, having been launched mightily for the first 100 issues (or so) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

   They set a towering standard that the series continues to draw on, and many tremendous creators did their part along the way to keep the series going.

   This issue offers a nice nod to some of those high spots, as the team faces a time-spanning menace from Kang the Conqueror and his many alternate identities.

   Written by Dan Slott, the story is a nice nod to the past and future of the team, wonderfully drawn by John Romita Jr. 

   I have a few quibbles with the story, but they're not worth mentioning (and would take us into spoiler territory anyway), but it's an entertaining look back at the past and a strong modern-day adventure, too, with some nice nods to a certain recent TV mini-series.

   The FF has been hit-and-miss with me in recent years, but it's been good enough to keep me picking up the new issues, and not many series can say that. 

    They're the first family of comics and, when handled properly, can provide the kind of high adventure and heart that any fan should love. 

   Long may they reign!


Grade: A



Billy Hogan said...

My first FF issue that I have any memory of was issue #38 or so, when Daredevil co-starred in the issue. FF has always been my favorite Marvel title, with The Amazing Spider-Man a close second. I decided to pick up the FF again beginning with this issue. I figured it was a great jumping on point, so it's my first Marvel title I'm getting since Brian Michael Bendis' Powers series was published by Marvel's Icon imprint.

Chuck said...

My first issue was somewhere around issue #20, and I was hooked. Like you, there were months when Spider-Man had the better issue, but FF was always my favorite. Can't tell you how much I'm hoping the planned movie gets it right.