Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Avengers #686

   OK, I think this "No Surrender" series has officially gone too long.

   We're 12 issues into this Avengers saga, and it feels like the story is becoming secondary to all the side-trips and subplots that are woven throughout.

   The overriding story is a deadly game between the Grandmaster and another cosmic being, using the Black Order and the new Lethal Legion as pawns - but the Avengers are causing interference along the way.

   But they have a big problem of their own, as the Hulk is back from the dead (again), with a new ruthless personality that shows no signs of Bruce Banner at all.

   Just as it seems the story is about to wrap up, more complications are added in - and as a result, this series is wearing out its welcome.

   The quality has been high, considering its weekly publishing schedule - but it's certainly time to be wrapping up this sprawling tale before it completely spins out of control.

Grade: B




Friday, March 30, 2018

Doomsday Clock #4 (of 12)

   I bought Watchmen when it was originally released.

   I loved it, poured over every issue. I marveled at its complexity, at the stories that explored previously-hidden corners of comics (and human psyche in general).

   I know Watchmen, and Doomsday Clock, you're no Watchmen.

   Which is not to say that this series is bad. It's certainly interesting, well-constructed and features amazing art by Gary Frank, who gives every frame a realistic grit and edge required in a story like this.

   But the story feels like a retread of what has gone before.

   One of the better issues of Watchmen focused on Rorschach? Here's one focusing on the new version of that character!

   But his story isn't really compelling, and there are massive holes in the plot.

   I admit I've been struggling to accept this deliberate merging of the DC Universe with the more hard-edged and unforgiving world of the Watchmen - and this issue didn't do anything to change my mind.

Grade: B



Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dark Nights Metal #6 (of 6)

    With this issue we finally reach the end of the interminable Dark Nights Metal series.

   Thank goodness!

   The series had an interesting start but just kept getting more mired down in the dark and dismal story of... some kind of invasion from a dark universe that threatened to wipe out all life on Earth.

   Luckily, the Justice League members manages to find the McGuffins they need to fight back, and... well, you can sort it out.

   It all seems to be aimed at achieving two goals: restoring one or two long-lost heroes (and if you thought their origin was confusing before, wait till they try to recap this crazy quilt of a series); and getting the Justice League back together and chummier than ever.

   As I've mentioned in past reviews, this series certainly isn't aimed at me - it's almost entirely dark and dismal and sad. The convoluted story makes little sense, but then, I didn't read any of the spinoff titles. (I believe an event should stand on its own, though I admit it's rare that this happens.)

   So the series wraps up with strong art and an impenetrable story. Not a great combination.

   As a wise person once said, your mileage may vary.

Grade: C+


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Comics Day

      Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

- AVENGERS #686 - No Surrender keeps on not surrendering!

- CHAMPIONS #18 - Champion for a day!

- DAREDEVIL #600 - The conclusion of Mayor Fisk!

- DARK NIGHTS METAL #6 (OF 6) - The conclusion at last!

- DOOMSDAY CLOCK #4 (OF 12) - What has Ozymandias done?

- INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #598 - The search for Stark nears its end.

- JESSICA JONES #18 - The final Bendis story.

- MYSTIK U #3 (OF 3) - Finals week!

- SAGA #50 - The half-century mark!

- TERRIFICS #2 - In search of Tom Strong!

     And I got these copies for review:

- ACTIONVERSE ONGOING #6 STRAY - Fighting a major conspiracy!

- ALISIK FALL #2 (OF 2) - Life in the graveyard!

- BLOODBORNE #2 (OF 4) - A hunter on a dangerous quest!

- BREATHLESS #1 - Monsters and Big Pharma!

- DAN DARE VOL. 1 HE WHO DARES - Collecting the new series!

- FACTORY #1 - Life on a dystopian planet!

- FARLAINE THE GOBLIN #6 - Welcome to Wingland!

- MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN FRED FREDERICKS SUNDAYS VOL. 1 - Collecting Mandrake's Sunday comics!

- SHADOWMAN #1 - Life on the dark side.

- SHRUGGED VOL. 3 #2 (OF 6) - Off to college - and terror!

- UNDER: SCOURGE OF THE SEWER - What lurks in the sewers?

- X-O MANOWAR #13 - This means war!

     And that's it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Quantum & Woody #4

   Balancing humor and action is a difficult trick to manage, but  the Quantum & Woody comic manages it with amazing calm.

   The two - well, you can't call them heroes - are linked by the zero-point energy that gives Quantum his powers. Once a day, they must strike their wristbands, or else the energy will destroy them both.

   But Woody may have a solution - a genius in Australia claims he can cure them both.

   Sounds like a trap, doesn't it?

   (It's a trap.)

   But that's just part of the fun, as a surprise guest star is revealed, an old (pre-comics) feud is revived, and a trap is sprung! (Told you.)

   It's a fun issue, with a few twists and turns along the way, and quite a few laughs.

   What a deal!

Grade: B+


Monday, March 26, 2018

Jirni #1

   Back again for a third round of adventures (and a new issue #1) is Jirni, a purple-skinned cross (sort of) between Red Sonja and the She-Hulk.

   Living in a primitive world, she searches for her mother, Queen Luna, who is actually a magical d'jinn - and who has been captured.

   As her quest continues, she finds herself caught up in other adventures - and in this issue, she comes to the defense of a small village of farmers who are being oppressed by a powerful bandit.

   That sets Jirni on a one-woman warpath to bring the bad guys to justice.

   The story by J. T. Kruhl is quick and efficient, with no wasted motion, as he cuts to the chase and allows his title character to demonstrate her power - and her compassion.

   The art is by Michael Sta. Maria with colors by John Starr, and it's striking, with powerful character designs and exotic locales.

   This isn't a comic for kids - Jirni is playing for keeps with some despicable characters - but it offers lots of twists and turns as she learns more about her mother's side of the family.

Grade: A-


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Krypton - TV Review

   I don't really understand why the networks have created TV shows based on the backstory of their most famous heroes, like Batman (Gotham) and now Superman (Krypton), instead of doing shows that actually star heroes like, well, Batman or Superman.

    Krypton, which airs on the SyFy channel, looks great, with strong design elements, great set pieces and decent special effects (the city of Kandor is the main effect on display). 

   The actors all do good work, but the accents seem like an odd mix - I'm not sure if that's because of the multinational cast or if they're all just trying to sound different.

   The story is set about 200 years before our time, as Superman's family - the Els - are being oppressed for standing up to Krypton's Science Council (just as his father, Jor-El, would do just before Krypton's ultimate destruction). 

   The focus is on Seg-El (played by the charismatic Cameron Cuffe) as he struggles with life at the bottom of the pecking order - his family is stripped of its rank and cast into the slums. But his grandfather, Val-El (played by the stately Ian McElhinney), has left behind a treasure of information - and a mysterious stranger appears with a prophecy of doom for Krypton and his grandson, who will become the greatest hero of all.

   We see the different Guilds that make up the society - Science, Lawmakers, Military- but no one seems to be very good at their job. Seg-El keeps getting in fights with security officers (who shoot at him and chase him, but then seem to turn around and immediately forget his transgressions). 

   Conspiracies surge up left and right, and it's all very murky and dark, with lots of inter-Guild snarking and plots to move up the social ladder. Oh, and a tyrant rules the city with an iron hand.

   I'm going to give it a few more episodes, but so far it's just OK. 

   I don't mind admitting that I'd much rather see all this money and effort put into a show that actually starred Superman.

Grade: A-


Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Mighty Crusaders #4

   I'm not sure what to make of the Mighty Crusaders series.

   One on hand, it seems like a solid, updated version of the classic '60s team of heroes. It builds on past continuities (and even references, if in passing, several different incarnations of the original heroes, including the Shield, Fly-Man, Fly-Girl, the Web, the Comet and the Jaguar (among others).

   Judging by the style of the art by Kelsey Shannon (clean lines, clear storytelling, no graphic violence) and the story by Ian Flynn (straightforward action with some nice character moments) it seems like an all-ages story - but then, on page 6, the Comet calls one of the bad guys a "bastard." (Maybe I'm just a geezer to find such language offensive.)

   So maybe it's intended for an older audience - or maybe I'm just being too sensitive.

   At any rate, it's a promising series, and it's certainly great to see these characters back again (there's a splash page at the end that provides some nifty nostalgia for long-time fans), and it lays the groundwork for future adventures.


Grade: B


Friday, March 23, 2018

The Brave and the Bold #2 (of 6)

   When I was in my local comics shop this week, I ran into my pal Clint. (How long have we been friends? We were in college together!)

   One of the comics he picked up (and I didn't) was this issue in The Brave and the Bold mini-series.

   I asked him, "Is it good?"

   He said, "I like it. It has Wonder Woman and Batman dealing with Celtic gods."

   I said, "Sounds good!" I asked our Comics Shop owner, "Do you have a copy of the first issue, too?"

   He did, so I picked them both up - and Clint was right, it's a good series with an involved plot using characters that (as far as I know) haven't been included in past stories.

   Liam Sharp is the writer and artist of the series, which has Wonder Woman trying to stop a civil war between mystic creatures, and Batman investigating a mysterious mass hallucination.

   It's a detailed and multilayered tale (both in art and story) and well worth checking out.

   Clint wouldn't steer you wrong!

Grade: A-


Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Mighty Thor #705

   While the idea of a new, female Thor has always felt... well, gimmicky at best, it has given us quite a few excellent stories.

    But none have been better than this (maybe) final adventure, titled "The Death of The Mighty Thor."

   The stakes are high, as the incredibly powerful Mangog has attacked Asgard, beating both Odin and his son, the former Thor (now just called Odinson).

   The last line of defense is Jane Foster, who wields Mjolnir as the new Thor, but what hope does she have against a creature fueled by hate and backed with the power of a billion billion beings?

   It's laid out in an emotional and frenzied story that's both moving and over the top - and it manages the difficult task of sticking the landing.

   There are quibbles to be had along the way, a few gaps in logic that may give some readers pause, and some panels of art that are so frenzied I'm not sure what is happening - but those are minor problems.

    What you get here is an explosion of a "next-to-the-last" (maybe) issue of the Mighty Thor, and the art and story are absolutely stunning.

   And hey, next issue (presumably) we'll see where this all goes next.


Grade: A




Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Comics Day

      Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

ARCHIE #29 - The Blossom family secret is revealed!

AVENGERS #685 - "No Surrender" keeps rolling on!

- BRAVE AND THE BOLD #2 - Dreaming of gods!

INCREDIBLE HULK #714 - World War Hulk II begins!


MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4 - The Crusaders vs. the Eliminators!

MIGHTY THOR #705 - Death is here!

USAGI YOJIMBO #1 (OF 7) THE HIDDEN - A shocking murder mystery!

      And I received these issues for review:

BURNE HOGARTH TARZAN HC VOL 04 THE LOST TRIBES - The final collection of the classic daily strips!

CONSULTANT #4 (OF 4) - A house of cards begins to fall!

DOCTOR WHO 12TH TIME TRIALS VOL. 1 TERROR BENEATH - Facing a cosmological horror!

DOCTOR WHO GHOST STORIES - Collecting the adventures of The Doctor's super-powered friend!

GINGERDEAD MAN MEETS EVIL BONG #1 - The title says it all.

JIRNI VOLUME 3 #1 - The powerhouse swordswoman returns in a new series!

LOST FLEET TP VOL 01 CORSAIR - Collecting the science fiction epic!


MIRACULOUS ADVENTURES VOL. 1 - Collecting the first original stories.

NINJA-K #5 - London is falling!

PRINCELESS RAVEN YEAR 2 #6 LOVE AND REVENGE - What happened to Sunshine?

QUANTUM & WOODY (2017) #4 - The baddest Dad of them all.

ROBOTECH #8 - The ongoing adventures of the SDF-1!

TOYETICA #7 - What is the campus plotting?

WAY OF TANK GIRL HC - Covering her 30-year career!

     And that's it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Secret Weapons: Owen's Story #0

   Valiant continues its series of "one shot" issues, each devoted to the backstory of a different member of the new incarnation of Secret Weapons.

   The focus here is on Owen's Story. He has the unique ability to make things appear out of thin air.

   Which sounds really handy, right? But there's a big problem that keeps it from being quite as convenient as you'd expect.

   This is a cleverly-told story by writer Eric Heisserer, with an interesting and amusing framing sequence.

   The art is by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin, and I like it a lot. The color palette is muted, and the layouts and character designs are delightful and inventive.

   This series seems to have flown under the radar - and certainly the characters involved aren't powerhouses in the traditional comics sense, but their stories are interesting, clever and fun to read.


Grade: A-


Monday, March 19, 2018

Sea of Thieves #1

   Bringing a video game to comics can be a trick sometimes - and I should admit that I haven't played the Sea of Thieves game - but this issue feels like a solid start to an rollicking adventure.

    As you'd expect from the first chapter, this one is all about introducing the colorful characters who make up not one but two bands of pirates, including ship captains who happen to be twins (but aren't on particularly friendly terms).

   It's centered around a tavern called the Unfired Pistol, where both sides seek a map and hope to find crew members for their ship.

    So you can expect: funny dialogue (check), pockets being picked (check), someone cheating at a game of chance (check), and a barroom brawl where no one is seriously hurt (check and check).

   If it all seems a bit convenient, well, that's the nature of these things. It ends promising even more action next issue - what's not to like?

   If you're a fan of pirates or just action / adventure in general (or the game in particular), this is a good place to be

Grade: B+


Sunday, March 18, 2018


   ... for the sporadic posting of late in Chuck's Comic of the Day!

   The real world (work, family, etc.) has been keeping me hopping for the past week or so - but I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so hopefully we'll be back to regular posts soon.

   Thanks for your patience!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Marvel 2-In-One #4

   The search for Reed and Sue continues in this series that, with any luck at all, is leading up to the eventual return of the Fantastic Four.

   But for now. Marvel 2-In-One focuses on the Thing and the Human Torch.

   They have recruited a "big brain" (which is to say, an accomplished scientist) named Rachne Koul (who has her own mysterious agenda) to help guide them in their search through the Multiverse.

   It's no surprise that the search does not start well - and the trio find themselves in a world of trouble (pun intended).

   It's another strong issue in this series from writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Valerio Schiti and color artist Frank Martin - I'd certainly hope the same team takes over the long-overdue return series devoted to the FF.

    (And yes, I know I've mentioned this in virtually every review of this series so far - you can't blame me for trying!)

Grade: A-



Friday, March 16, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War: Movie Trailer

   Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for the not-too-far-off Avengers: Infinity War, and I have to say, this movie is looking to be a monster (in the best possible sense).

   Check it out:

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nicodemus Flynn

   If you're looking for a sprawling saga about monsters, demons and those who fight them, Nicodemus Flynn is one to watch!

   Weighing in at more than 160 pages, the graphic novel pits a grimly efficient monster-killer (Nicodemus) against an apparently indestructible demon that's cutting a swath across Europe while it seeks out a man with a mysterious past.

   The story follows a bit of a winding path to get where it's going, including a trip to the netherworld, rescuing a damsel who isn't quite in distress, bad guys who don't get along at all, and tracking down a particularly potent weapon.

   It's a solid adventure tale by Alex De-Grunchy, with the more-than-capable hero leading a small band against some dark and deadly opponents.

   The art is by Robin Simon Ng with color art by Robert Denton III, and it's strong work with great character designs, but it's just a bit stiff in spots.

   This is (I assume) just the beginning for the adventures of Nicodemus Flynn - one hopes it's not the last!

Grade: B+


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Comics Day

     Here's what I picked up at the comics shop this week:

- NEIL GAIMAN AMERICAN GODS MY AINSEL #1 - The adaptation continues!

- AVENGERS #684 - He's green, he's angry, and he's back among the living!

- DOCTOR STRANGE #387 - "Damnation" Tie-in!
- MAGE HERO DENIED #7 (OF 15) - The quest continues!

- MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #4 - "Fate of the Four" Part 4!

- MISTER MIRACLE #7 (OF 12) - The end is near!

     And I received these review copies:

- ATHENA VOLTAIRE #2 - Deep sea diving!

- ATLAS AND AXIS #3 (OF 4) - Medieval adventures continue!

- BABY BADASS #2 - It's origin time!

- CAPTAIN KRONOS VAMPIRE HUNTER TP - Collecting the series!

- CHARISMAGIC VOL. 3 #2 (OF 6) - The forces of magic have returned!

- COME INTO ME #1 - Two minds share one body.

- DOCTOR WHO 12TH YEAR THREE #13 - The conclusion of Year Three!

- FIGHTING AMERICAN VOL. 1 - Collecting the first story from the new series!

- JUPITER JET #4 - Things look bad for Jupiter.

- NINJAK VS VALIANT UNIVERSE #3 (OF 4) - Figuring it out.

- QUARRYS WAR #4 (OF 4) - Contract on an old friend.

- SEA OF THIEVES #1 - Based on the epic game!

- SECRET WEAPONS OWENS STORY #0 - Spotlight on Owens!

- SUBSPECIES #1 - Return of an old enemy!

- ZOMBIE TRAMP #45 - Can a zombie die?

     And that's it!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bloodshot Salvation #7

   My reaction to this issue is, quite simply: HAHAHAHA!

   And a tip of the hat for a gutsy move.

   The issue finds the hero Bloodshot trying something desperate to save the life of his young daughter: he carries her over to the dimension known as Deadside.

   It's a trip loaded with peril, especially since, upon arriving, the hero finds he is blind.

   So, of course, each page is back, only illuminated by word balloons and sound effects.

   So yes, most of the issue features black pages - and word balloons.

   It's the opposite of the old John Byrne / Alpha Flight "polar bear in a blizzard" gag - this issue has pages and pages of black..

   It's an interesting device, and the story is pretty compelling - but I suspect ,, to anyone who paid full cover price, it may seem to be a gag too far.

Grade: B 



Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fighting American: The Ties That Bind #1

   The classic Joe Simon and Jack Kirby-created hero, Fighting American, is back for another series of adventures, and the emphasis is on fun.

   The series is set in the present day as FA and his sidekick, Speedboy, continue their fight against some really offbeat villains (like Double Header, who actually has two heads) - many of them transplanted from the '50s to modern times, and all working to bring an end to the colorful heroes.

   But while problems are building behind the scenes, something else happens that threatens to break up the patriotic duo (though admittedly, it's pretty silly).

   Writer Gordon Rennie and artist Andie Tong are crafting another entertaining chapter that takes this series in some unexpected directions - and that's a good thing!

   (I think.)

Grade: B+



Friday, March 9, 2018

Captain America #699

   This one is hardly worth the effort of reviewing.

   By which I mean, this continues to be one of the best comics out there.

   Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are staging a clinic here on how to do an amazing comic. (The secret is: great story, great art.)

   Captain America finds himself in the world of the future (again), and like the last time around (in Avengers #4) he wastes little time in self-pity - and instead goes to work to correct the injustices plaguing this "new" world.

   His efforts bring him into contact with two well-known powerhouses - the Hulk and the Thing (and as the cover says, the two don't actually fight here).

    It's all a setup, of course, for the next issue - #700 - which, I believe, marks the final issue for this team. Whoever follows has a heck of a lot to live up to!

   This has been an amazing series, and if you haven't been following it, be sure to get the inevitable collection!

   See? Hardly worth the effort to write this review - that previous sentence tells you all you need to know.

Grade: A


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Infinity Countdown #1

   Well, you can tell this is an "Event" comic, because - despite the actual exclusion of sound - the comic manages to be REALLY, REALLY LOUD!

   (Sorry for the caps.)

   The first issue of Infinity Countdown could just as easily have been an issue of Guardians of the Galaxy, because (with the exception of the last two pages) it focuses on that team's efforts to protect some of the Infinity Stones.

   For example, Drax, who's guarding the huge Power Stone, works with a small contingent from the Nova Corps to fight overwhelming odds (and some downright terrifying creatures).

   The rest of the team is facing off against one of the former owners of an Infinity Stone - the deranged Gardener (he's a lot more dangerous than he sounds), who commands an army of giant plant creatures.

   So there are lots of explosions, big fights and blustering commentary.

   I have no idea where this is all heading, why the Infinity Stones are so easily gathered up by good and bad guys, and where some of the main characters who should be involved are hiding.

   Where are Warlock and Thanos? The Illuminati? (Wait, some of them are dead. I think.)

   I'm a sucker for Infinity Stones stories, so I'll hang around - but hopefully future issues will include more story and less volume.

Grade: B


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Comics Day

     Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

- AVENGERS #683 - Still not surrendering.

- BANE CONQUEST #10 (OF 12) - Going to war!

- CAPTAIN AMERICA #699 - Saving America!

- HAWKEYE #16 - End of the road!

- INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 (OF 5) - The saga begins!

- MISTER MIRACLE #5 (OF 12) - Time's running out!

- WILD STORM #12 - Hanging in the balance!

     And I received these review copies:


- BLACK BETTY #2 - Killing monsters!


- BURNE HOGARTH TARZAN Hardcover VOL. 5 - The final volume of Hogarth's daily strips!

- DOCTOR WHO 10TH YEAR THREE #14 - Wrapping up Year Three!

- DOLLFACE #13 - Watch out for Melora!

- DR. RADAR Hardcover- Collecting the classic detective story!

- FIGHTING AMERICAN TIES THAT BIND #1 - The series returns with a new adventure!

- GHOUL SCOUTS TWEENAGE WEREWOLF #1 - A new menace in Full Moon Hollow!

- HERO CATS #21 - Season finale!


     And that's it!

Monday, March 5, 2018

"Mary Poppins Returns" - Movie Trailer

    I readily admit that there's not much of a comic book tie to this trailer for the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns (although I believe there was a comic book adaptation of the original film) - but it's such a wonderful, evocative bit of fun, I just had to share it:

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Champions #17

   This series seems to be flying beneath the radar for many, which is a shame, because The Champions is consistently excellent.

   This issue is no exception, as the superheroics give way to a horror story.

   (Don't worry, there are also superheroics, too, and lots of rescue efforts.)

   The team is recruiting young heroes to join their cause, but that drive has led them to neglect their teammate, Viv Vision - and at a time when she needs her friends the most.

   Alone and powerless, she's trapped by a powerful, emotionless enemy - how can she possibly survive?

   It's yet another terrific story by writer Mark Waid, with stunning, kinetic artwork by Humberto Ramos and Victor Olazaba.

   It's difficult to do "young heroes" well, and Waid is putting on a clinic here. Highly recommended!

Grade: A


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Jessica Jones #17

   The Jessica Jones comic seems to be the most personal comic written by Brian Michael Bendis (aside from his creator-owned work).

   He's wrapping up his run on the series with the next issue, which is all about a hero who makes Spider-Man look like the luckiest guy in the world.

   The latest in the string of horrible personal events she faces involves the return of the Purple Man, who made her life a literal hell when he hijacked her mind and made her a puppet.

   His powers have grown, and she's faced with a painful choice and an impossible challenge - how to stop an opponent who can't be hurt?

   It's a new and interesting take on the challenge, and her solution is certainly different.

   As always, the art by Michael Gaydos with color art by Matt Hollingsworth is stunning, intense and evocative of the real world.

   Bendis and/or Gaydos work in a number of gags, with "Traitor Bendis" and "Bendis Saves the Earth" signs planted in the background.

   With his departure, which will end up being true? Time will tell!

Grade: A



Friday, March 2, 2018

ElfQuest: The Final Quest #24

   This issue brings us to the end of a long and powerful trail for ElfQuest.

   For decades the adventures of Cutter, the Chief of the Wolfriders, and his allies, enemies and family have poured out of creators Wendy and Richard Pini, and it's a bit of a shock to realize that this is the end.

   The story they've created is epic in scale, covering a staggering number of characters representing assorted races - humans, trolls, high ones and numerous incarnations of elves.

   It's been a 40-year effort loaded with imagination, adventure and lots of heart.

   I'm not sure it's possible for a final issue with so many characters and stories, carried over so many years, to manage to tie it all up in a tidy bow - but this comes very close.

   It's touching and surprising - and if there's a plot still dangling out there somewhere, I must've missed it.

   It's an impressive accomplishment - a long run of tremendous art and powerful storytelling. Kudos to the Pinis!

Grade: A


Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Terrifics #1

   Its clever of DC Comics to realize that there's a big gap in the world of comic books - namely, there's no Fantastic Four comic - so they've created one of their own.

   Good on 'em, sez me.

   It's not a perfect analogy. The Terrifics "team" is headed up by the super-intelligent Mr. Terrific (Mr. Fantastic). It includes a big, strong, misshapen, slightly tragic, thinks-with-his-fists kinda hero, Metamorpho (The Thing), it's got an elastic, stretching hero, Plastic Man (Reed Richards again), and a beautiful girl who becomes intangible, Phantom Girl (the Invisible Woman). 

   I'm surprised they didn't bring Legion hero Sun Boy along as a Human Torch substitute. Maybe they didn't want to be too obvious.

   The story starts out at top speed and never slows down, bringing the heroes together to deal with a cosmic problem. It's fast and fun with terrific art and a great surprise appearance on the last page.
   The team's not quite a family - it'll be interesting to see why they decide to remain together after this adventure is over - but it's a very entertaining comic, with terrific art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, and a strong script by Jeff Lemire.

   It's no FF, but it's a pretty good substitute that helps fill that empty spot in my comic book soul.

Grade: A-