Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"Invincible #5: “That Actually Hurt” - TV Guest Review

    Stepping back into the Guest Review spot is my pal Billy Hogan, who continues his reviews of the animated series based on the comic book Invincible:

"Invincible Episode #5: “That Actually Hurt”

   It's been a while since I had time to watch the next episode of this series on Amazon Prime Video, but I had taken a week's vacation, so took the time to watch the next episode. I wasn't disappointed.

   Superpowered thug Titan, who can transform into a rock-armored enforcer for criminal boss Machine Head, meets with various people who either threaten Machine Head's territory, or owe him money. The surviving Mauler Twin continues his work in his new lab, with much success.

   Mark Grayson continues to find his place as a superhero, but as the episode progresses, the double life of a hero puts a lot of stress on his relationship with Amber

   Omni-Man continues to train son Mark in superhero tactics, but wife Debbie continues to have suspicions about her husband, especially after finding demon detective's Darkblood's notebook, filled with clues about the crime against the Guardians Of The Globe at the end of the first episode. Eventually she finds a clue that makes her even more suspicious of her husband.

   Atom Eve also has drama, not only at home, but with the Teen Team, causing a lot of upheaval in her own life.

   Robot has a secret meeting where he offers a job opportunity.

   Eventually, Invincible meets a bad guy he first ran into in the first episode, who asks Mark for help to get his family out of a bad situation. Mark has to decide first whether to believe him, and second, should he help him, or should he concentrate on the big picture of protecting the entire planet.

   The episode ends with Invincible and the Teen Team involved in the biggest battle they have yet faced. Writer and co-creator Robert Kirkman crafted a twist ending I didn't see coming that might have major consequences in the future. He was a master at this with the INVINCIBLE comic book series.

   In the comic book's continuity, Titan was a minor villain, but with the animated series, he is taking his toys and playing with them in new and interesting way. The animated series is establishing itself as a strong series, able to stand on its own. It remains faithful to the spirit of the original comic book series, but continues to be its own unique story that brings me back for each episode. Even though I know how the story will develop overall from reading the comic book series, Kirkman and the animation team are playing with the characters in new ways that creates a new story in the Invincible Universe, or the Invincible of another dimension, to borrow a concept from superhero comic books.

   This episode still gets my top grade of a solid "A." This series continues to be for MATURE audiences only. If that's not an issue for you, I continue to recommend it.