Wednesday, August 21, 2019

New Comics Day

   Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

- HISTORY OF MARVEL UNIVERSE #2 (OF 6) - The Marvel Age is about to begin!

- JIMMY OLSEN #2 (OF 12) - A visit to Gotham City.

- POWERS OF X #3 (OF 6) - What does the future hold?

- SUPERMAN YEAR ONE #2 (OF 3) - Traveling the world!

- VALKYRIE #2 - When Bullseye attacks!

  And I received these comics for review:

- ADVENTURE FINDERS EDGE OF EMPIRE #1 - A full scale battle breaks out!

- BANJAX #3 - Hunting a crazed vigilante!

- BLADE RUNNER 2019 #2 - Searching for the kidnapped child of a billionaire!

- BLOODBORNE #14 - Reality is crumbling!

- BLOODBORNE TP VOL. 3 SONG OF CROWS - The story of Eileen the Crow.

- COLD BLOOD SAMURAI #6 - A last, desperate action.

- FATHOM #4 - Everything has led to this.

- LIFE IS STRANGE #8 - End of the arc!

- LIVEWIRE #9 - Going public!

- PSI-LORDS #3 - Their lost history revealed?

- SEAFOAM FRIEND FOR MADISON #4 - Stranded by a storm!

- VAMPBLADE SEASON 4 #3 - Katie's chaotic journey continues!

- ZOMBIE TRAMP ONGOING #63 - Facing a deadly slave trader!

     And that's it!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Event Leviathan #3 (of 6)

    Apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks - your pal Chuck has been swamped by some projects over in the real world - but those have been wrapped up for now, so hopefully I'll be able to post with greater frequency.

   Thanks for your patience! Now, a review:

   I've really been enjoying this series from the creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev. 

   Event Leviathan manages to be a pretty darn good mystery: who is Leviathan and why (and how) has he / she / it apparently destroyed all the covert operations in the world? 

   It's also a darned good event series, as it teams up the DC Universe's top detectives (and several of my favorite characters), including Batman, Green Arrow, the Question, Manhunter (the really good one), Robin and... Plastic Man

   Wait... since when is Plastic Man a detective? Is Elongated Man still "dead" in the DC Universe?And if so, why?

   I digress. 

   The issue starts with a wild (if somewhat implausible) fight between the detectives and their top suspect, and then launches into some even juicer territory. 

   To talk about it too much would take away the fun, but it's a cracking good tale that just keeps building with each issue.

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A-


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New Comics Day

  Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

- DOCTOR STRANGE #17 - Can he save the multiverse - and Clea?

- EVENT LEVIATHAN #3 (OF 6) - Can the world's greatest detectives solve the ultimate mystery?

- FANTASTIC FOUR #13 - The Thing in the fight of his life!

- HAWKMAN #15 - Who can help fight the new Shadow Thief?

- POWERS OF X #2 (OF 6) - Trouble in the future!

- USAGI YOJIMBO #3 - Fight for your life!

I was planning to pick up SUPERMAN #14, but apparently the issues were recalled because of a printing error. Bummer.

  And I received these copies for review:

- DOCTOR WHO 13TH #11 - Confronting her childhood hero!

- DRUILLET'S THE NIGHT (LA NUIT) HC - Fantastic, violent - and outrageous!

-  FORGOTTEN QUEEN TP - The War-Monger returns!

- LIFE & DEATH OF TOYO HARADA #6 (OF 6) - Everyone dies?

- NINJA-K DLX ED HC - Who is murdering the members of the Ninja program?

- PUNK MAMBO #5 (OF 5) - A fight she can't win!

- ROBOTECH #23 - Classic characters clash and fall!

- SPENCER AND LOCKE TP VOL. 2 - Facing the murderous Roach Riley.

- WATCH DOGS #2 - Watch_Dogs goes global!

   And that'a it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Savage Avengers #4

   I like a good ol' action-packed comic as much as the next guy - and that's what Savage Avengers delivers - but that doesn't mean it's actually a good comic.

   The Deodato art is terrific and the characters are dynamic - but there's no actual story in there.

   Oh, there's lots of fighting as the team (together at last) faces a wizard and a gigantic murderous demi-god, but there's no heart or advancement here - it's just all noise and death and destruction and improbable plot points.

   Despite all the decibels, it just ends up as a big yawn. Hopefully future issues will include some story and characterization.

Grade: B-



Monday, August 12, 2019

House of X #2 (of 6)

   One of the reasons why fans were excited to hear Jonathan Hickman was taking over the writing (and direction) of the X-Men books is easy to understand - he's a terrific writer.

   After a strong start last issue, this issue of House of X gives us the introduction of a mutant who determines the future of the Marvel Universe in ways that are shocking and very clever.

   It's a concept that I'm pretty sure hasn't been used in comics before (although it has science fiction priors), and it has a powerful effect on the reality of the X-Universe as we know it - yet it doesn't violate past stories (as near as I can tell).

   It's always exciting to read a smart story, and there are few writers with the skill to work within established continuity and come up with interesting twists that shake things up in a way that doesn't feel artificial or tacked on. 

   I'm thinking Englehart, Thomas and Busiek, to name a few. Good company for Hickman!

   Highly, highly recommended!

Grade: A


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

New Comics Day

     Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

FUTURE FOUNDATION #1 - Spinning out of the pages of the FF!

GREEN LANTERN #10 - Twelve Green Lanterns!

HOUSE OF X #2 (OF 6) - Fight for the future of the X-Men!

INVISIBLE WOMAN #2 (OF 5) - Teaming up with Black Widow!

SAVAGE AVENGERS #4 - Death is here!

SECTION ZERO #5 (OF 6) - Something terrible happened in the Green Swamp!

     And I received these comics for review:


FALLEN WORLD #4 (OF 5) - Rai's greatest enemy returns!

LENORE VOLUME III #1 - The world's cutest cadaver!

ROBOTECH TP VOL 05 SHOWDOWN - The Earth is under siege!

RYUKO TP VOL. 1 - The saga of a Yakuza princess!

TANK GIRL TP VOL. 1 ACTION ALLEY - Back in an ongoing series!

   And that's it!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Paper Girls #30

   I'm certainly sorry to see this series come to an end.

   Paper Girls has been an interesting mix of teen adventure / comedy, mad science fiction adventure, and fever dream / stream of consciousness / alternate reality.

   The story has been complex and Byzantine - and I suspect the ending makes it a great time to revisit the series and sort out the complete (and complex) plot, as it weaves through different times, places and realities.

   The final issue manages to be a sweet (but never cloying) wrap-up to this nostalgia-fueled romp. (Hint: it's all about the friendship.)

   Terrific art and a wonderful (and challenging) story - lots to like here!

Grade: A