Thursday, January 21, 2021

Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1


   I've read (and enjoyed) the adventures of Iron Fist since his first appearance, but the main reason I picked up this issue is because of the writer: Larry Hama.

   I've liked Hama's work since I first saw it in one of the early issues of... Iron Fist.

   Hama started out as an artist - and a darned good one, too - but he eventually turned his attention to writing, making his reputation with excellent work on the original G.I. Joe comic with Marvel.

   He's known for clever, action-packed scripts loaded with great characters, and that's all in evidence here. 

   The story follows Iron Fist traveling via a mystic gate to the Heavenly Cities, where he finds a deadly attack under way, and a well-known villain (or two) on a deadly mission.

   It's fast and fun and feels like a classic Marvel comic (and boy, is that all too rare these days). 

   The art is by David Wachter with color art by Neeraj Menon, and it's classic storytelling, loaded with great action sequences. 

   The story is just getting going, of course, but with some great nods to the past and a major threat on the horizon, it a very promising start! 

Grade: A-


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