Thursday, July 12, 2018

Superman #1

   So there's this new hero - Superman!

   If you rush, you can pick up comics of his first issue, which are bound to be a collector's item!

   OK, lame humor aside, this is the starting point for writer Brian Michael Bendis' run on the regular title with artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado - and it's a strong start! 

   There's no wasted effort here, as we are brought up to speed on the new status quo for the Man of Steel - he's adjusting to life without Lois and Jon (who are off world on a surprising journey), working as a reporter at The Daily Planet, interacting with other heroes and saving the lives of the innocent.

   With terrific art, a fresh, inspired take on the classic hero, and a story that sets lots of wheels in motion (including a shocking final page), it's an impressive start for the new creative team.

   I'm looking forward to the next issue - and yes, this title is back on my "pull" list at the comics shop!

Grade: A


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