Monday, July 3, 2017

Beautiful Canvas #1

   I like comic books that actually manage to surprise me (Saga being a good example thereof).

   You can add Black Mask's Beautiful Canvas to that list.

   It follows a woman named Lon who has an unusual career - she kills people.

   She's hired for a job that appears to be just another hit - but in this series, things are rarely what they seem.

   In fact, reality itself seems to be suspect.

   When the hit takes an unexpected turn, Lon makes a surprising choice - one that may put her in danger from a very powerful foe.

   The issue is written by Ryan K. Lindsay and drawn by Sami Kivela, and both turn in excellent work. The script is smart and always one step ahead of us, and the art shows great design skill, with strong characters and vivid environments on display.

   This is not a comic for young readers - there's lots of death and assorted horrific images - but for mature readers, it's a compelling puzzle to sort out - and impossible to predict.


Grade: A-


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