Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Flash #21

   It's really sad to realize that, for the first time since the "New 52" started, they've published an issue of The Flash that I really enjoyed.

   Perhaps that's because this issue shows us Barry Allen at his best.

   He uses his skills as a police scientist to analyze a crime scene, though it's an unusual one: the dead and decayed body of a super-villain who disappeared after brutally beating Batman. He died almost immediately after he reappeared.
   It's fun to see Batman and the Flash relating to each other as investigators, and working together to solve the mystery behind the Button.

   Their investigation is taking them to some interesting places (Easter egg fans will enjoy the visit to the Justice League storeroom) and we see some unexpected faces along the way.

   It's a strong script by Joshua Williamson and the art by Howard Porter is terrific, with strong layouts and great character designs.

   The Rebirth concept has lost some of its focus since its kickoff, so it's good to see it getting back on point, and in such a strong fashion.

Grade: A


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