Friday, March 23, 2012

Batman #7

This series continues to impress.

One reason is because it's managed a rare accomplishment - writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo have created a new, memorable opponent for Batman.

How difficult is that? Well, I can only think of two villains created in the last, say, 25 years (and maybe more) that are worthy to stand alongside the usual rogues. Those newbies are Bane (created by Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan and Doug Moench, I believe) and Harley Quinn, who started life in the animated Batman series (created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm).

But now the Court of Owls, and their enforcer, the Talon, have become a true challenge for the Dark Knight.

They've managed the rare accomplishment of nearly breaking Batman's will - and the challenge has just begun.

This issue is one of those "don't let anyone tell you what happens" issues because several surprising revelations are in included, and story threads lead all the way back to the beginning of Bruce Wayne's secret identity - and perhaps before that.

It's a masterful story, both story and art, and one not to be missed. And it looks like things will be amped up even more next issue.

Take my advice: buy this series. Pick up the back issues if you can. You can thank me later!

Grade: A



-> Ray said...

I'd vote for The Ventriloquist as the best Batman villain created in the last quarter century.

Chuck said...

Ray, I knew I was forgetting someone (and probably more than one) - I agree, the Ventriloquist is a great character. I believe he also originated on the animated series and then was transplanted to the comics.