Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ultimate X #4

Well, it's only about eight months overdue.

Nice to see the newest issue of Ultimate X, which is a new and different version of the X-Men, as assembled by the only survivor of that team - Jean Grey.

There's some irony in that, of course - since she's the only member of the original team who's "dead" in the regular Marvel Universe. But she is the most powerful telepath on the planet, so it's a natural fit.

This issue takes us to a high school where the two children of a certain member of the Brotherhood of Evil are going to school - and it won't take you long to sort out who "Dad" might be.

The story by Jeph Loeb is a bit thin - it's just introduction, high school drama and violence - but the characters are solid and it's interesting to watch the team come together.

The art is the real selling point. Art Adams is doing fantastic work here, with great details and characterization. You can tell what the characters are thinking by the expressions on their faces - and you can't say that about the work of many comic artists.

So this comic continues to be very entertaining - but you have to be very patient. Luckily, it's worth the wait!

Grade: A-

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