Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fantastic Four #586

Merry Christmas, all! Hope you're having a great holiday!

(Let's make this review a quick one so I can get back to the A Christmas Story marathon!)

Writer Jonathan Hickman has been waving several big stories over his run on the Fantastic Four, and those threads reach their breaking point with this issue.

Mr. Fantastic is dealing with Galactus (though someone should tell cover artist Alan Davis that Reed no longer wears the short-sleeved uniform). The Invisible Woman is caught between two warring undersea nations. The Thing and the Human Torch are facing an overwhelming alien invasion.

And next issue, one of the four will die. (I'm still guessing the one killed will be the Human Torch, but that's just a wild guess.)

The art by Steve Epting is excellent, loaded with lots of big events and intense moments.

As I've said before: you really should be buying this series. It's big, bold and daring - and it keeps moving in unexpected directions, pushing the boundaries of the super-hero saga. What's not to like?

Grade: A


Kyle said...

Merry Christmas Chuck! Hope your having a good one.

Chuck said...

Thanks, Kyle! It was a nice holiday at Casa Chuck - my sons were both here to visit and I scored some great presents, including the latest two volumes of "The Complete Peanuts." Just what I need - more stuff to read!

Anonymous said...

My guess is Torch also, based on Reed dying in the 90s, Waid breifly killing Thing and Millar's recent "death of the Invisible Woman" stories.

Chuck said...

Anon, I agree - I don't think the Torch has had his turn being "killed" yet.