Sunday, June 20, 2010

DC Universe Legacies #2 (of 10)

Somehow I overlooked the first issue of this series (I was on the road that week). But don't worry, I picked it up a week later - and am I glad I did!

DC Universe Legacies is an outstanding series that focuses on the history of DC's superheroes, told from the viewpoint of a witness to some of history's key events - a regular guy named Paul.

The first two issues have focused on the Golden Age of heroes, from the first appearance of the Crimson Avenger to the appearance of the Justice Society of America, which this issue focuses on.

I should note that they're going with the modern version of DC history, so you won't see Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman in these pages - at least, not yet. Unlike actual comics history, they didn't appear in the 1930s or '40s - they show up in modern times.

This is a well-written retelling of DC's history, which is no surprise when you consider that the guy in charge of the story is Len Wein, who has made history through his own career as a writer.

Providing the art on the main story in the first two issues is Andy and Joe Kubert, and I don't think there are enough superlatives around to convey how good these two are. The book is well worth picking up for the art alone.

This issue also features a backup story about the Seven Soldiers of Victory by Wein and artist J. H. Williams III. It's a brisk and entertaining romp with eight Golden Age heroes. (So why are they the Seven Soldiers? No idea.)

All told, it's a terrific package with incredible art and a great story. What more do you need? Highly recommended!

Grade: A


Anonymous said...

I saw this at my local comic book
store this week and weakened. Now
your positive review! I may have to
break down and buy a NEW comic; thanks, Chuck!

Chuck said...

Ha! Well, I try to point out the good stuff. I can't imagine any longtime fan being disappointed with this series (at least as presented so far).

Anonymous said...

That's me, longtime fan Sam Kujava,
above, Chuck. Forgot to include my
name. Your reviews don't always move
me to buy but I sure learn a lot about what's going on in current comics, thanks to you, and I do
appreciate it!

Chuck said...

Sam, thanks for the kind words!