Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brightest Day #0

Following on the heels of the Blackest Night mini-series comes... yet another mini-series!

Brightest Day follows up on the resurrection of a dozen characters in the DC Universe - some heroes and some villains. Here we get a quick look at how they're coping with their return to the land of the living, and what changes have happened in their lives.

It's all kind of a jumble at this point, although writer Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi do a solid job of keeping it all moving along briskly and (for the most part) clearly.

The story centers around the character whose return to life was the biggest surprise - Deadman, who may have to get a new name, considering the power his white ring apparently gives.

The art is quite good, with Fernando Pasarin providing the pencils and six different inkers chiming in. The art features lots of detail, strong heroic figures and clear storytelling. Impressive stuff here.

As a long-time fan, it's a thrill to see some of my all-time favorite Silver Age heroes back in action again, and I look forward to seeing how they all tie together and why they were brought back (and whether or not they're the only ones to return).

So far, so good!

Grade: A-

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