Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Captain America #46

The latest adventure of the new Captain America (also known as the old Bucky or the former Winter Soldier) continues the high standard that comic has been enjoying.

This time around, Cap takes part in an adventure that touches all three identities.

As Captain America, he's on a rescue mission, trying to recover the stolen body of the original Human Torch (who is an android, natch). The Torch was apparently "killed" in some recent adventure that I missed, and he's now in the hands of a honest to goodness "mad scientist."

As part of the rescue effort, Cap gets the assistance of Namor the Sub-Mariner. Of course, they fought alongside Cap and the Torch and Toro during World War II.

The mission also touches on Bucky's missing years as the Winter Soldier, and the scientist they're up against has good reason to want his revenge on Bucky.

This issue is largely setting up the next chapter, but it's interesting to see the relationship between Cap and Namor (who has his own side story going on as part of the Dark Reign series). It's not really friendship - it's more of a grudging respect.

As always, the writing by Ed Brubaker is spot on, and the art by Steve Epting with colors by Frank D'Armata is terrific. It's dark and moody, and perfect for the story - although I'm surprised there's no stylistic changes apparent as the story jumps to different eras. Still, strong work here.

Captain America continues to be one of Marvel's strongest comics. As I feared, I'm almost to the point where I like Bucky as Cap almost as much as I like Steve Rogers as Cap.


Grade: B+

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