Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Dreaming #2

   So there's an inherent problem with stories based in magic.

   Since there are no rules, it's a bit more challenging to create a coherent story - one that doesn't play fast and loose with the structure of the tale.

   We seem to be seeing a lot of that in The Dreaming - but perhaps that's to be expected, since it's set in the realm of dreams.

   The problem is that the master or the realm, Dream (or, if you prefer, the Sandman), has gone missing - we don't know why or where - and the world of dreams (or nightmares) is suffering.

   This issue we see events through the eyes of the pumpkin-headed Mervyn, who's (sort of) the janitor for the land of dream - cleaning up messes, keeping things working smoothly - and he's not taking the problems calmly.

   The series is interesting and involved - but since there's no central character, it's difficult to make an emotional attachment to the characters. And since anything can happen, does anything that does happen have a consequence?

   That's the question The Dreaming needs to answer - so far, it's still pretty squishy about it.

Grade: B+


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