Saturday, January 18, 2020

Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #1

   Ah, you got me, DC, with the old bait-and-switch (wherein the buyer thinks he is buying one thing, only to find he has bought something else, usually something of lesser value).

   I picked up this Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant after reading that it contained a new story along with some reprints from the original 1985 maxi-series.

    And the original writer, Mark Wolfman, was co-writing with Marc Guggenheim, so I thought, "That's interesting - new stories based on the original story."

   Wrong! I should have looked more closely at the cover, because if features characters from the CW TV shows, which recently wrapped its own version of Crisis. (I still have the last two episodes to watch, don't spoil it for me - oh wait, Facebook already spoiled it. Never mind.)

   So the new story focuses (mostly) on the TV versions of these heroes, who - as far as I know - don't appear in any other comic book in existence.

   Look, I get it - the TV shows are popular, the big crossover event was a great way to bring more viewers in, and a comics tie-in makes sense - but it still feels like an attempt to separate the readers from their cash through chicanery.

   And this isn't even a "one and done" story - it's continued into (I assume) another Giant issue.

   I'll be passing on that one.

Grade: B-


Friday, January 17, 2020

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

   Writing the future is a trick, because it never turns out like you'd expect.

    So writers and artists do their best - and usually fail.

   The trick I always hate is when they try to invent clever slang words - "Here in the future, 'pyramid' means something is amazing" - that sort of thing.

   Thankfully, the new Legion of Super-Heroes doesn't go that route (at least not so far). Instead, writer and artist are in sync to create a new vision for the world 1,000 years in the future.

   The do that by making everything seem a bit off. Not a lot - just enough to keep you off balance. Some of that has to do with the amazing environment designs by artists Ryan Sook, Travis Moore and Wade Von Grawbadger, and a lot of it has to do with the story, which is deliberately just giving us peeks at how the world works. As Superboy learns, so do we - and there's a lot to take in.

    This issue takes a surprising turn as Superboy brings his best friend, Damian (Robin) Wayne, to the future - with unexpected results (natch). 

   The series continues to be fast-moving, unpredictable and loaded with amazing art. 

   You should be reading this book!

Grade: A-


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

New Comics Day

  Here's what I picked up at the comics shop today:

- AVENGERS #29 - Rise of the War Widow!

- CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS GIANT #1 - Featuring reprints and a new story!

- HELLBOY WINTER SPECIAL 2019 - Happy belated holidays!

- LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #3 - Welcome to the future, Damian Wayne!

- SUPERMANS PAL JIMMY OLSEN #7 (OF 12) - A tale of five Jimmys!

- UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY #3 - A rescue mission!

- VALKYRIE JANE FOSTER #7 - Dying time!

  And I received these for review:


- BLOODSHOT #5 - His most personal mission!

- LIFE IS STRANGE #12 - The finale of the third story arc!

- NUTMEG TP VOL. 5 SPRING GOOD DINE YOUNG - A few final surprises!

- PRINCELESS TP VOL. 9 LOVE YOURSELF - One sister left to save!

- RAI #3 - Trapped in cyberspace!

- SHERLOCK: SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA #2 - The Manga adaptation of the TV series!

- SOLO BY OSCAR MARTIN - Mad Max meets Mighty Mouse?

  And that's it!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Plot #4

   Hey, what was that noise in the house? 

   That shadow in the lake?

   That squeak on the floor?

   The Plot is very effective is dredging up the kind of horror that's easy to relate to, and adds in a mix of madness and an undercurrent of terror.

   The focus is on the mystery below the surface of a lake - and the strange sounds in the attic of an old estate. 

   With powerful, moody art by Joshua Hixson and a moody, menace-filled story by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci, this is a series built for horror fans.


Grade: B+


Monday, January 13, 2020

Morbius - Movie Trailer

   The trailer for the film Morbius was released today. The film from Sony Pictures features the vampire-like hero/villain who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man (I believe it was issue #101).

   Looks like a solid adventure / horror film - and fans are especially shocked by the last shot. Take a look:

Saturday, January 11, 2020

New Mutants #5

    If you're looking for some classic New Mutants storytelling, this issue is your huckleberry.

   It finds the recently reunited team on a mission in deep space, bringing Deathbird back to the Shi'ar homeworld.

   But there's trouble waiting, as a squad of Shi'ar Death Commandos stands in the way, loaded to the teeth with murderous monsters and unbeatable aliens.

   When the two teams meet - well, there's your classic mutant confrontation.

   It's a heck of a lot of fun, and writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Rod Reis seem to be having a great time, too.

   Terrific work and highly recommended!

Grade: A




Thursday, January 9, 2020

Young Justice #12

   You know that scene in the movie Avengers: Endgame when all the heroes gather together?

   This issue of Young Justice is sorta the equivalent of that (for DC, natch) - except there's very little actual fighting on display here.

   What you get is a gathering of almost all the young heroes who made up the original team, the new team members, and guest appearances by all the other young heroes featured in the Wonder Comics line of DC Comics.

   It's fun, and gives writer Brian Michael Bendis lots of opportunities for entertaining dialogue (which is his beat, after all).

   But on the other hand, not much actually happens - the issue is packed with guest appearances, 'meet cute' scenes and a surprising new place for Superboy to visit, and one of my all-time favorite characters - sadly absent for far too long - makes a return appearance.

   So I really enjoyed this issue, even if you need a scorecard to keep everyone straight. It's fun!

Grade: A-