Monday, October 8, 2018

Mighty Mite #1

   Comic books are, for the most part (I'm sorry to say), all too wrapped up in being serious and grim and loaded with death and destruction.

   So when a humor comic rolls along, it's time to celebrate!

   Mighty Mite is a new webcomic by creator / writer / penciler D.C. Johnson, with inks / letters and / colors by Chris Allen.

   It follows the adventures of a hero who - well, he's the clumsiest hero in town. When he succeeds in catching bad guys, it's more often because of luck than skill or derring-do (whatever that is).

   He realizes he's missing something - a secret identity! (Perhaps her was born in that costume?)

   But as he tries to correct that oversight he encounters new dangers, including the receptionist from hell, the strangest boss around, and a brand-new arch-enemy.

   It's all silly and cartoonish and a lot of fun!

Grade: B


   Mighty Mite is only available as a webcomic - you can find it from Publisher AAM-Markosia at ComiXology at this link.

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