Saturday, August 4, 2018

Fathom #2

   The latest version of Fathom (this may be issue #2, but it's Volume 7) is doing its best to shake up the status quo - which is probably a good thing at this point in its evolution.

   But the creative team is taking its sweet time getting us there.

   The series hinges on the beautiful marine biologist Aspen Matthews and her discovery that her brother Finn has been kidnapped.

   She sets out to search for him, and turns first to her allies known as The Blue - an undersea race she's helped in the past.

   But she finds that there have been some catastrophic changes to that undersea kingdom - and to the people who are in control.

   In the meantime, Finn seems pretty calm as he finds himself in the hands of some kind of stereotypical mad scientist who cackles gleefully and does everything except tie Finn to a railroad track.

   There's still plenty of time to turn this story around and make it work, but so far it's not living up to the standards set 20 years ago when writer / artist Michael Turner got the whole thing started.

Grade: B-


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