Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Prisoner #4 (of 4)

   It's a real challenge to adapt a unique, cerebral project like the original TV series The Prisoner into a comic book series.

   Hey, as the recent Original Art reprint shows, even the legendary Jack Kirby and Gil Kane couldn't quite manage it!

   So kudos to writer Peter Milligan (from a plot by David Leach), artist Colin Lorimer and color artist Joana Lafuente for crafting a terrific series that manages to capture that twisty feel without being a direct copy of the original.

   It follows the journey by a former secret agent, now known as "Number 6," as he tries to unravel the mystery behind The Village, which doubles as a prison and an interrogation process, as mysterious forces try to break Number 6.

   With lots of twists and turns, a dollop of humor and a very clever story, it's an entertaining return visit to The Village.

Grade: A


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