Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Terrifics #4

   This series continues to focus on "the fun," as it combines four unlikely heroes - Mr. Terrific, Plastic ManPhantom Girl and Metamorpho - into an unorthodox "family."

   This issue is all about a visit home for the team's youngest member, as Phantom Girl returns to Bgtzl (which looks like a spellcheck failure, but is actually her home planet), where everyone has the power to become intangible.

   It's a nice mix of action (the trip runs into a few big, scaly, tentacled bumps along the way) and some more tender moments, as we learn a bit more about PG and her life before she became tied to the team.

   Doc Shaner - as always - provides delightful, inventive artwork, and Jeff Lemire crafts a clever story that crackles right along.

   This continues to be one of my favorite DC Comics - a nice balance of upbeat and offbeat.

Grade: A-



Mr. Brooks said...

Love this book. And bringing in the Doc is always a good thing. Plus it gives Mr. Terrific his dignity back (which ARROW boot crushes on a regular basis).

Chuck said...

Mr. Brooks, I agree completely (especially about the Arrow version).