Friday, May 25, 2018

Barrier #4

   I owe you an apology, readers.

   While I credited Barrier as one of the best of the comics offered on Free Comic Book Day, I haven't reviewed the five-issue limited series which is being printed weekly by Image Comics.

   Which means the final issue is being published next Wednesday!

   I feel bad because... it's a terrific series! The topic seems well-worn - a man and a woman are abducted by aliens. But there's so much more going on here!

   The series is set on the U.S. / Mexican border, and focuses on a rancher named Liddy, who encounters a man named Oscar sneaking across the border.

   One of the interesting things about the book is that she speaks only English - and Oscar only Spanish, and the comic makes no effort to translate his side of the story (the same for the snippets of his history we see).

   They both find themselves in a strange alien environment, unlike anything I've ever seen before.

   The credits on the book are minimal, but I presume the book is written by Brian K. Vaughn, drawn by Marcos Martin with color art by Muntsa Vicente (just their names are listed in the credits), and their work is just amazing, creating a world and a story that's unique, unpredictable and absolutely riveting.

   Don't miss it! Sorry to tell you so late in the game, but there's still time to catch up - it's amazing stuff!

Grade: A


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