Sunday, May 27, 2018

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" - Movie Review

   There were lots of rumors flying about the Solo movie before anyone ever saw it: that it was a bad movie, that it was going to flop - the usual chatter from the haters.

   But see, I have this crazy approach to movies: I go see them and then make up my own mind.

   And in my humble opinion, those who were trashing the movie before they saw it are full of hooey.

   Solo, like any good Star Wars Story, is full of great action sequences, good humor, unexpected plot twists and terrific characters.

   It offers up an origin story for Han Solo (played with lots of swagger and appeal by Aiden Ehrenreich), a street rat who hopes to build a life for himself and his beloved Qi'ra (a sexy and mysterious Emilia Clarke).

   The best hope for that seems to arrive with the capable and conniving scoundrel Beckett (a crusty and clever Woody Harrelson) and his gang, who plan a heist (or two) that will make them rich.

   Their adventures also brings them into contact with some familiar faces including the wookiee Chewbacca (now played by Joonas Suontamo) and Lando Calrissian (played by a smooth, scene-stealing Donald Glover). 

   Oh, and another important "character" also plays a big part - Han and Chewie's (eventual) ship, the Millennium Falcon, which never looked better.

   Look, I'm not going to say this is the best Star Wars movie ever - it has a few slow moments as it deals with the necessities of explaining the origin of certain characters - but those are minor quibbles.

   The movie rolls along at top speed, it has lots of heart (and just enough hard-edged reality to keep it sharp), lots of humor and a great lineup of characters.

   I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing it again. Oh, and the good-sized audience at the theatre when I saw it applauded at the end. So there.

   Ignore the chatter - go see it and have fun! (You can thank me later.)

Grade: A



Mr. Brooks said...

SOLO had the "twinkle-in-the-eye" that the first Star Wars movie did. A rip-roaring fun space romp. In other words, SOLO is pure STAR WARS fun!

You can't get better than that.

Chuck said...

Mr. Brooks, well said! It definitely captures that "space adventure" feeling from the original trilogy!