Monday, May 28, 2018

Her Infernal Descent #2

   I admit to being a fan of the "journey through Hell" genre of stories - and Her Infernal Descent is shaping up to be a very good addition to the genre.

   The title from Aftershock Comics follows an old woman named Lynn who mourns the loss of her family.

   One day she finds the ghost of a famous poet - William Blake - in the attic of her house, and he extends a remarkable offer. He'll guide her through the circles of hell where she'll be reunited with her loved ones.

   The trick is, she's not actually dead - so that makes her unusual in the land of Hell.

   Her journey brings her into contact with the famous and infamous, and her reaction to each different situation is unique and entertaining - this is a woman who takes no guff from anyone.

   The story is by Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson, and it's smart (without being too precious) and entertaining without being gratuitous. 

   The art is by Kyle Charles is impressive - gritty and raw without being overly grotesque or offensive, with strong layouts and great visuals of a troubling reality.

   While certainly not for young readers, this series is compelling and clever - an excellent start!

Grade: A-


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