Monday, May 7, 2018

Infinity Countdown #3

   Rather than write another review of the latest issue of Infinity Countdown, which is just another issue filled with action and not much else, let me just refer you to my comments about the second issue, which you can read at this link.

   This issue is just more of the same, with one exception: this issue made me weep even more for its treatment of Hank Pym, one of Marvel's classic heroes (and a personal favorite of mine) - for some reason, he's always treated like crap, and this series is no different.

Grade: B-

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Anonymous said...

As always, thanks for your reviews Chuck. Especially with Infinity Countdown. I was assuming nothing too much new would be happening here. And the heads up on Hank Pym just clinched it. Like you he's been a favorite of mine and he just keeps getting crapped on all the time. No sale!
Steve Dillon