Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Ghost, The Owl

   This publication is more storybook than comic book (in appearance), but this isn't a story for young readers. 

   Set in a mysterious forest, it features an Owl that's different from most animals, because it tries to help others as a way to repay past kindnesses.

   When it discovers the ghost of a young girl, it decides to unravel the mystery of her life. 

   She remembers nothing of her previous life, and only with the Owl's help does she discover hints of the past.

   It's a lovely horror story by Franco, featuring lush, exotic, nature-centric art by Sara Richard, who has a unique, ornate and organic style.

   It's not a perfect story - there are a few logical stumbles in there - but it's compelling and thoughtful, with several interesting turns along the way.

Grade: B+


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