Friday, April 20, 2018

Infinity Countdown #2

     Obviously the Infinity Countdown series is here as a warmup act for the Infinity Stone-based event that's coming up soon.

   I picked it up mostly because it features the long-awaited return of Adam Warlock, one of my all-time favorite characters - at least when he was being written by Jim Starlin.

   Few creators have been able to match Starlin's cosmic touch with Warlock - and this issue doesn't offer anything different.

   In his half of this adventure, Warlock travels to a distant planet in search of the Soul Gem - the Infinity Stone he was bonded with - but he finds it in the possession of a powerful creature who has no soul of his own. 

   There's not much here to make Warlock anything more than just another superhero - I'd hoped for more depth to the character. Perhaps future issues will fill out that side of the character.

   The other half of the issue belongs to the Guardians of the Galaxy, as they fight a war to protect another Infinity Stone.

   This issue almost works - there are some nice moments, and the potential for some long-standing questions to be answered, and problems to be sorted out.

   But so far, it's just potential. 

Grade: B



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