Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Executive Assistant Iris #1

   I like the concept of the Executive Assistant series - beautiful women who are trained to be deadly fighters. They work as security guards - or assassins.

   Aspen Comics is reviving the series - this one stars Iris, a freelance agent who is recruited by a high-powered security agency.

   Unfortunately, the issue doesn't give us much to work with here. There's a quick action sequence and the rest of the issue is given over to a meeting with a recruiter who's trying to recruit Iris.

   And... that's about it. the rest of the issue is the equivalent of the scene in a Bond movie where "Q" trots out the latest gear that you know will show up later in the story.

   The art is nice, but a first issue needs to sweep the reader into the action - and this issue kind of Power Pointed us there. 

    Hopefully next issue will be more on track.

Grade: C+


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