Saturday, January 27, 2018

Phoenix Resurrection #4 (of 5)

  Three issues of Phoenix Resurrection have played fast and loose with information, giving the reader lots of puzzles to sort out.

   For example: why is Jean Grey working as a waitress in a diner? Why are familiar faces (to us) showing up there, but she doesn't know them? Why is she having visions? Why are dead villains and heroes turning up in the real world?

   You get the idea.

   Happily, with this issue, we finally start getting some answers (though not all of them yet, of course).

   Best of all, this "feels" like a classic X-Men story (largely because of the cast of characters involved).

   I admit that I'm happy to see Jean return (she'll always be Marvel Girl to an old-timer like me), and thankfully, the story of her return - so far - has been a great one.

Grade: A-


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