Friday, January 26, 2018

Marvel 2-In-One #2

   The comic may be titled Marvel 2-In-One, but it's really the Fantastic Four with Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman on vacation with their kids.

   That half of the FF is lost somewhere in the multiverse, leaving The Thing and the Human Torch back on Earth at loose ends.

   But Doctor Doom (in his Infamous Iron Man "is he or ain't he a good guy now?" mode) provides a clue, sending Ben and Johnny to the place where it all began - Monster Island, the site of the FF's first adventure (in issue #1, natch).

   There they find some old foes - and some even older foes.

   The issue is loaded with terrific, dynamic art by Jim Cheung, John Dell and Walden Wong, and a fast and funny script by Chip Zdarsky.

   As long as Marvel's returning to classic numbering, how about just turning this line over the the Fantastic Four and making its long-awaited return official?

   Gets my vote!

Grade: A




Anonymous said...

So good!!!

Disneymarvel said...

Or at least have MTIO be restarted at 101 (making this issue 102), since the original series ended with 100.

Chuck said...

Disneymarvel, great suggestion! I'd happily settle for that!