Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ninja-K #3

   Operating under the idea that Ninjak is actually Ninja-K, the 11th in the line of operatives trained by the British government to be the ultimate secret agent / assassin, this issue brings him into conflict with one of his predecessors - Ninja-C.

   Of course, any secret agent must at some point discover the dirty secrets behind the work he or she does, and that's what this issue is all about, as Colin learns the reasons why Ninja-C has (seemingly) turned on his former masters.

   It's a strong issue with a fast-paced script by Christos Gage with powerful, dynamic art by Tomas Giorella and Robert de la Torre.

   I'm not crazy about the alphabet concept (one imagines agents named Ninjab and Ninjaz and Ninjam), but the story's compelling and the art is awesome.

Grade: A-


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