Friday, December 15, 2017

Daredevil #596

   Every good hero has to spend some time being treated like a common criminal, right?

   It's Daredevil's turn in the box.

   Spinning out of events in Secret Empire, during which the Kingpin took a hero turn (at least in appearance), that villain now finds himself the duly elected Mayor of New York.

   Of course, one of his first acts is to declare war on his old enemy Daredevil, framing him for an attack in the mayor's office - which turns (virtually) everyone in the city against him.

   What follows is a surprisingly tense battle across the rooftops with DD running for his life - and facing some really difficult choices.

   It's a strong issue with an unexpected twist at the end - and it'll have you wondering how DD can ever move back to the hero side of the equation again.

Grade: B+



Mr. Brooks said...

No hero can beat the odds better than DD. Matt will prevail.

Chuck said...

True! But the beauty of this story is: I have no idea how he's going to manage it.

Mr. Brooks said...

"To dare the impossible a man must be blind, fearless, or both."
Matt Murdock 101

Mr. Brooks said...

Now give us a review of The FLASH. Barry is really getting on my nerves in that book. And you are long overdue on AQUAMAN. My God, that book is firing on all cylinders!

Chuck said...

Actually, I passed on the last issue of The Flash - I finally ran out of patience with the book. I've always been a fan of the comic, but it's just been average at best for too long. Hopefully they'll get it turned around soon. I'll have to start picking up Aquaman again - I'll try to post a review this week!