Saturday, December 16, 2017

Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1

   What could be better than mixing monsters and, well, sewers?

   Set in the massive city known as Megalopolis, Under: Scourge of the Sewers focuses on two characters: Sandra Yeatman, a lovely college student working on a research paper about creatures in the sewers of the city; and Lieutenant Wilson Jericho, a capable police officer who has been demoted to serve in the Sewer Police squad.

   The massive sewers system - as the cover indicates - is certainly home to some unusual life forms, and the police tackle the challenge with surprising calm.

   This isn't a comic for young readers - there's brutal violence, lots of death, and some sex and nudity on display.

   But the art by Stefano Raffaele is tremendous, loaded with mood and extreme details, and the story by Christophe Bec is well researched and gripping, with a nice mix of science and horror.

   It's an unusual story and a grisly setting - but it's compelling stuff.

Grade: B+


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