Thursday, December 14, 2017

Maestros #3

   So what if the most powerful person in the universe wasn't really up to the task?

   That's what we're finding out in the pages of Maestros, a clever and sometimes disturbing story of magic, destruction and incredible power.

   When a monstrous creature of destruction kills off the royal family, that leaves a (seemingly) pathetic Earthman as the only surviving heir to the throne - putting him in charge of almost limitless power.

   But what kind of kingdom doesn't have others plotting to take over the throne?

   When one of his childhood friends (apparently) betrays him to steal a source of power, the Maestros is faced with difficult decisions that may bring about his destruction - and that of those he loves.

   With amazing story and art by Steve Skroce, this story is loaded with twists and turns, and lots of adult content, including graphic violence - so this really isn't for young readers.

   But if you can handle the mayhem, it's playing out into a heck of a romp.

Grade: A-


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