Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman - Movie Review

    My lovely wife went with me to see Wonder Woman - but it wasn't just a date night.

   I was hoping to get the opinion of someone who was impartial about the DC films - and I wanted a woman's point of view.

   The recent DC movies have left me cold (Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad) or downright angry (Man of Steel), so I wasn't sure I could trust myself to be impartial.

   The film is an origin story for Diana, and it follows the basic story from the original comic. She's raised on an island of Amazons as their greatest warrior, and she rescues Captain Steve Trevor when his plane crashes on Themyscira (Paradise Island), bringing the conflict of World War I with him. She travels to "man's world" to put an end to the conflict so everyone can live in peace. Needless to say, her mission may be more difficult than she expects.

   So here's the good news is: my wife and I both liked it - with a few reservations.

   The cast is terrific, and Gal Gadot is radiant in the title role - she's tough and loving and smart and sexy as can be. She's a true star - you can't take your eyes off her. Chris Pine is excellent as Trevor - he's smart, capable and good-hearted. 

   Stealing every scene she appeared in was Lucy Davis as Etta Candy, Steve's secretary. She manages to inject some much-needed humor and personality into the proceedings.

   The story stays mostly on solid footing (with a few minor problems) and the special effects are very good. (I didn't see the 3-D version, but friends tell me it's great.) I love the music!

   On the down side, I thought the film dragged in places and took much too long to get to the point (anytime you check your watch during an action film, it's a bad sign). I won't give away the ending, but it doesn't quite hold together.

    My wife didn't care for some of the harsher war-centered fight scenes. There we don't agree, though some of the sequences felt very "videogamey."

   I'm glad to report that there were a lot of young women in attendance, so I think the movie is definitely doing its job providing a positive role model for female fans.  (I do think it's too violent for young children.)

   There's a lot here for guys to enjoy, too - and this film is definitely a step in the right direction for DC films. Focusing more on the fun and the sense of adventure is a very good move - here's hoping for more of the same from future additions to the DC Universe.

   And we want more Wonder Woman!

Grade: A-


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Kyle said...

Another great review Chuck.. we always seem to agree!

Gal Gadot was simply fantastic. Chris Pine and Lucy Davis were great, but I didn't care for the other three guys on the mission. I mean the actors were all right, but they just didn't have too much to do (I can't even remember their names!)... maybe I just had higher expectations from the photo of some elaborate back story, but they didn't seem filled out as characters, then again, the film was long enough as it was. So maybe for the best.

The final fight scene was a bit long for me... they always seem to come down to just so much CGI video game punching that goes on and on... I much more liked the little bits with Wonder Woman and the whole fish out of water thing, it was so great seeing her react to "man's world"... Did I mention how fantastic Gal Gadot was? :)