Sunday, June 4, 2017

Doctor Strange #21

   This issue of Doctor Strange starts life with a couple of strikes against it.

   It's the first issue with a new creative team. Writer Jason Aaron has moved on after a strong 20 issues reworking the character, leaving the writing chores to Dennis Hopeless.

   Artist Chris Bachalo has also left the interior art duties (he's still providing cover art), and Niko Henrichon in handling both art and color.

   The second strike is that the series must labor under the burden of the ongoing Secret Empire event, which has the city of New York - and quite a few heroes and villains - trapped with hordes of demons in a Dark Dimension.

   So the story's kind of disjointed as Strange and some guest stars fight for survival against assorted giant monsters.

   Despite the obstacle, its a solid issue with strong artwork (and all the gross creatures your admission price can bear).

   But I look forward to seeing how the team does without an event hanging around its neck.

Grade: B-



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