Friday, June 2, 2017

The Flash #23

   Kudos to the creative team on The Flash as they continue to bring the series back to life.

   Perhaps it's the inspiration of the TV series, which they're (wisely) drawing inspiration from - but there's also a nice Silver Age flavor mixed in there, too.

   That's evident here with a guest star appearance by Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), who teamed up with the Flash many times in the '60s and '70s - and Hal and Barry Allen were best friends, too.

   The story centers around a surprise party and the return of an old friend - but a menace soon breaks up the party and puts the duo to work. 

   I'd give the issue higher marks if not for the slight overdose on the soap opera aspect (a problem for the TV show, too) and a disturbing fantasy sequence.

   But I'm really happy to see Hal and Barry working together again - it's long overdue.

Grade: B+



Mr. Brooks said...

Whether it's Jay/Alan, Barry/Hal, or Wally/John, a Flash/GL team is always a good thing. But I wish they would stop following a trend currently done on the tv show...making Barry and Wally incredibly stupid. Wally's got his knickers in a twist because Barry didn't trust him with his secret. Whatever happened to respecting the Flash's privacy? And Barry is definitely over thinking should he tell Iris he's the Flash. Hey Barry here's an idea go talk it over with ummmm...CLARK KENT!!! You know, your MARRIED superhero friend???

Geez. I can only give stupid so much rope.

Chuck said...

Great points, Mr. Brooks - I agree completely!