Thursday, June 1, 2017

Secret Empire #3

    As Secret Empire continues to churn toward its eventual conclusion, I can't help but notice that each issue has lost ground (in my judgment).

   So the zero issue earned an A-; then issue #1 got a B-; and issue #3 got a C+.

   The bad news is, this issue continues the downward trend.

   That's because it falls into the trap that hurts many event books - it doesn't stand alone.

   Instead, the issue is filled with brief moments that link to the numerous tie-in stories that are happening across the Marvel Universe.

   As a result, we don't get a complete story - just a blur of moments,  moving from outer space (with a scene that revokes the inspiring ending of Infinity) to various locales around the Marvel Universe, and wrapping up with a final page that's guaranteed to cheese off fans even more.

   So, to review: an event book should stand alone; characters should be true to their intent; and this one can't end soon enough for me.

Grade: C



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