Thursday, May 4, 2017

Secret Empire #1

   So here's my problem with Secret Empire (other than the whole "Captain America is a Nazi" part of it that is so repellent):

    It's fan fiction.

   It's an interesting, intense story, and it certainly looks bleak for our heroes. Cap and Hydra have taken over the United States and are quickly assimilating the people and culture,  all of whom are rolling over like a trained puppy. (Think Man in the High Castle with superpowers and you're on the mark.)

   Opposing them is a small underground of heroes who face an impossible, hopeless task.

   It's all gone too far already for us to ever believe it will have any lasting impact.

   Fan fiction notoriously offers stories that are too over the top or too destructive to the characters involved to allow them to return to their prime position - and that's what this story does.

   Death and destruction abound, and Cap is behaving completely out of character, teaming with murderers and monsters and then acting surprised when they do terrible things. And then he also does terrible things.

   The whole concept springs out of that classic Marvel McGuffin, the Cosmic Cube, which can alter (or shred) history and reality, and turn it into a mess (mission accomplished) - and it will no doubt be the tool that allows the rapidly-approaching (and much needed) reset for the Marvel Universe.

   It can't get here soon enough to suit me.

Grade: B-



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