Monday, June 19, 2017

Rai: The History of the Valiant Universe #1

   For those who came in late (as they say in the Phantom comic strip), here's a handy overview of the Valiant Universe.

   We join the warrior Rai in the distant future as the Eternal Warrior and the Geomancer retrieve the Book of the Geomancer, which recounts the key events in history.

   It begins at the beginning of civilization with the immortal brothers who will spend their long lives fighting for humanity.

   Most of the focus is on the "present," as we learn about heroes such as Ninjak, X-O Manowar, the team called Unity and the deadly plans of Toyo Harada and Master Darque (among others).

   The issue (which I assume is a one-shot) is written by Rofer Roberts with powerful artwork by Francis Portela.

   It's a helpful reference work for both those readers who have just discovered Valiant Comics - and a fun recap for longtime fans.

Grade: B+



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