Sunday, June 18, 2017

Normandy Gold #1

   Sex, crime and revenge are a classic combination, and you get a healthy dollop of all three in the series Normandy Gold.

   It's part of the Hard Case Crime series from Titan Comics, and it's the comics equivalent of a terrific "B" movie.

   The story introduces us to Normandy, a beautiful and tough-as-nails law enforcement officer who travels to Washington, DC, to investigate the murder of a family member - and finds a shocking "hive of scum and villainy" - so the question is, how far will she go to track down the murderer?

   (If you've seen a good revenge flick, you may already know the answer.)

   This is not a comic for young readers - it's raw, brutal and free with female nudity.

   It's a cracking good story by Megan Abbott and Allison Gaylkin, with terrific, sexy and dynamic art by Steve Scott.

   It's a great start to the series and highly recommended for the grownups out there!

Grade: A


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