Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Marvel Comics Digest #1

   When this issue was sold on June 7, Kyle write in to ask, "Hey Chuck, if you take requests, would like to see a review of the Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) Digest... Heard these will be making their way to grocery stores too... Is it reprints? New stories? All ages I would assume?"

   We try to do requests here at Chuck's Comic of the Day - even if we're a couple of weeks late because we just now tracked down a copy (thanks to my local comics shop), so let's check it out.

   I have to admit, I'm a sucker for these digests - they're fun and you get a lot of comics for your money - 11 issues in all, by my count.

   It is all reprints (the cover looks new), and includes one of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's last stories on the series ("Just a Guy Named Joe!"), several issues from the excellent Len Wein / Ross Andru run on the series, and more modern stories, including "Marvel Age" Spidey, "Marvel Adventures" Spidey, Ultimate Spider-Man and a "Web Warriors" adventure.

   So, it's a good mix of classic and modern, great for readers of all ages (though I have to admit some of the print is on the edge of being too small for my not-as-young-as-they-used-to-be eyes).

   Still, I think this is a great idea (though it's odd to see Archie Comics printing these collections), and hopefully it'll help lure in a new generation of readers to the wonders of comic books!

 You could do a lot worse than having the Amazing Spider-Man as a guide!

Grade: A-


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Kyle said...

Thanks Chuck. Sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to pick up a copy on my next trip to my shop.