Saturday, June 17, 2017

Betty & Veronica #3

   Whenever artist Adam Hughes takes on a series, attention must be paid.

   Naturally, we had to be patient - it took 11 months to craft three issues - but it's beautiful work.

   Hughes also wrote the story, which pits the kind-hearted Betty against the conniving Veronica.

   It's a fierce battle as Betty tries to save the iconic Pop's, which is about to close.

   Veronica's father is buying out the shop to open a coffee shop, and she's backing her father's efforts.

   The battle has split the town, and Betty's only hope is to hold a special fundraiser at the school to try to raise $60,000 to save Pop's.

   The issue is packed with Easter eggs, from figures out of Little Nemo to references to Stephen King's "It" and the return of the original version of the Archie gang, to name just a few.

   It goes without saying that the art is stunning, and surprisingly Hughes manages to (mostly) resist the urge to lay on the cheesecake.

   This has been a fun trilogy - and hopefully not the last time we'll see Hughes showing off his fine comic chops.

Grade: A


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