Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bubblegun #2

   Aspen's Bubblegun series has a lot going for it.

   Set in the future, it has a great look, thanks to the imaginative artwork of Angel Tovar and Frederico Blee's color art.

   It's loaded with action, as the team of mercenaries attack a heavily-defended high tech genius, looking for information that can help solve some mysteries - and save the world.

   Mark Roslan's story offers some plot twists, a bit of romance, and a story about fathers and sons - so, something for everyone.

   It's still a bit fuzzy exactly how those elements all fit together, but hopefully future issues will help clear that up.

   So, cool weapons (including the title gun), fun characters and lots of explosions - Bubblegun is a fun ride!

   (But I do wish my spellcheck would stop trying to correct the title to "Bubblegum.")

Grade: B+


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