Saturday, June 24, 2017

Archie #21

   Up to this point, the "new" version of Archie (Andrews) has focused on a somewhat more realistic comedy tone (as opposed to the sillier traditional Archie comic), with some wonderful writing by Mark Waid and excellent artwork by a variety of artists - this time around, it's the talented Pete Woods.

   But this latest storyline - "Over the Edge" - has given us a different take, as it steps over the line into drama (with a dash of soap opera in the mix).

   It spins out of last issue's story, where Archie and Reggie's long-simmering feud finally boils over - and they agree to a dangerous drag race.

   At the end of last issue, we saw Betty race her car to the scene - and a deadly crash followed.

   It's well-trodden ground. Who was hurt? What happened next? How will the rest of the Riverdale gang be affected?

   But I can't fault the story - this issue popped right up to the top of my reading stack, as I was anxious too see the answers to those questions - and next issue will do the same.

   I shouldn't be surprised that I enjoy this series - Waid is one of the best comic writers out there, of course - though I am happy to see that a more traditional new Archie comic is being released next month - but I'm enjoying this series a lot, and I suspect you will, too.

Grade: A


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Kyle said...

Hey Chuck, I'm really liking the new Archie as well... I'm a bit behind as I am picking them up in trade paperbacks. I've also picked up the first Jughead volume, but it's still on my to do pile.