Monday, June 26, 2017

All-New Soulfire #4

   If you've ever read the novel Dune by Frank Herbert (which I highly recommend), you know the feeling.

   For the first 100 pages or so, you feel like you're learning a new language - and you are - as you figure out the alien terminology of a different world.

   But at some point it all clicks in and you get immersed in the story.

   Now, I'm not saying All-New Soulfire is as good as Dune (not many stories reach such heights) - but reading it is a similar experience.

   You spend a good part of the issue learning how this world of mystics works. It's all based around a being (in this case, a young man) called the Samusara, who serves as a catalyst for magic.

   Both good and evil forces vie to protect - or control - that being, and therein lies the conflict at the heart of the series.

   The comic has terrific art by Giuseppe Cafaro and a good script by J.T. Krul - though it may take you a few pages to get the concepts sorted out.

   It's worth the effort.

Grade: B+


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