Friday, March 31, 2017

Dark Knight III: Master Race #8 (of 9)

   The two previous Dark Knight series were famous for pushing the envelope - the first one wildly succeeded, but the second one fell apart by the end.

   So far, the third round has been holding it together - but it’s certainly straining at the seams.

   The story features a vast army of Kryptonians (zealots who escaped from the Bottle City of Kandor) using their Superman-like powers to conquer Earth.

   This chapter, Dark Knight III: Master Race, doesn’t have a lot of Batman content on display. (He's recovering from, shall we say, a life-changing event.)

   Instead, the focus is on the Kryptonian army’s attack on Paradise Island (and let’s just say it doesn’t exactly live up to its name).

    It’s a wide-screen, over-the-top battle with more than a few surprises. 

   But some of the biggest shocks are found in the mini-comic included - a clever concept with this series that I’ve really enjoyed. It works on a much smaller scale (no pun intended), but the events are shocking.

   I wasn't sure what to expect with this series, but with just one issue to go, the story by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello has been mighty entertaining, and the art by Adam Kubert and Klaus Jansen has been amazing.

   It's too brutal for young readers, but I'm enjoying this unique series.

Grade: A


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