Thursday, March 30, 2017

X-Men Prime #1

   Now that the X-Men vs. Inhumans crossover has ended, Marvel can get back to the business of reorganizing the mutant heroes for the zillionth time.

   This issue of X-Men Prime is the first step in the process.

   It fulfills its duties - it checks in with the original version of the team (reunited at last and on the run), sorts out the leadership of the "New" X-Men, checks in with an unlikely team of "heroes" (coming soon to another title), and finds an incredibly unlikely home for the School for Mutants.

   It's all put together by a small army of writers and artists, and to be perfectly honest - it's almost completely unnecessary.

   You could easily skip this issue and pick up the upcoming number one issues and you'll (probably) have no trouble catching up.

   It's not a bad issue, but it feels suspiciously like an overpriced ad for the new family of X-Comics.

Grade: B


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