Saturday, April 1, 2017

Adam Strange Future Quest #1

      This was certainly an easy choice for me to make at the comics shop - whether or not to buy a special issue combining some of my all-time favorite characters, Adam Strange and the Hanna-Barbera-based characters from the comic Future Quest.

   Adam is tossed into this alternate universe through a mysterious portal, which lands him in the prehistoric Lost Valley - but he quickly gains the attention of various heroes, including Dr. Quest, his son Jonny, Jonny's friend Hadji and Race Bannon.

   Of course, there are bad guys and dinosaur peril to be dealt with - but it's all handled in a cookie cutter fashion.

   It's not bad at all - it features excellent art by Steve Lieber and Veronica Gandini, and the story is all good fun - it's just not the event I would have expected from such a crossover.

   The backup story is - frankly - a stinker, as Top Cat is brought to the DC Universe for a short confrontation with Batman. It somehow manages to denigrate both characters at the same time.

   T.C. works best in his own alley with his friends - not slinking through the alleys of Gotham City.

Grade: C+



Eh, Steve! said...

DC is really pushing its license into some strange places. I do look forward to the Lobo/Road Runner one. But a lot of choices seem like huge head scratchers. Elmer Fudd/Batman? I don't know if I want to know what they will do with Fudd.

Mr. Brooks said...

I did expect more meat on the bone for this issue. Like Kanjar Ro teaming up with the son of Dr. Ashida. But it did open the door to future team-ups. I wouldn't mind seeing Hawkman & Birdman, The Impossibles & The (Silver-Age) Teen Titans, Superboy & Krypto and Samson & Goliath.

The team-up I really want to see is Captain Marvel and The Mighty Mightor. Couldn't the "ancient hermit" who gave Tor the power club be the ancient wizard Shazam? Worth exploring.

Chuck said...

Steve, I do think those are some strange teamups.

Mr. Brooks, great suggestions! I think any of those would have been more fun than what we got.