Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Flash #16

   I've been enjoying the ongoing series of stories in The Flash with the return of the Rogues - it's very old school.

   But the covers have been all over the place - for example, this issue focuses on a showdown between the Flash and Heat Wave - not Mirror Master. (This seems to happen a lot with today's comics - gad, just typing it makes me sound like a geezer. But it's true!)

   Anyway, that's a minor quibble - the story's the thing.

   The Rogues have been hatching a major series of crimes during their extended absence, and here we see their plot finally revealed. Well, mostly.

   One of the things that has always set the Flash apart from his Modern Age contemporaries is his strong set of bad guys - his Rogues Gallery - and it's good to see them back in the spotlight.

   And it's great to see the Flash acting like a capable hero again.

Grade: A-


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