Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jessica Jones #5

   You'd expect that this "adult only" version of Jessica Jones would be grim, just like the TV series - but this one sets a new high mark. (Or should that be a low mark?)

   The story follows two seemingly-unrelated (but important) events in Jessica's life.

    One involves a client - a woman who hired Jessica to follow her husband. Before Jessica gets far into her investigation, the husband brutally murders his wife! The killer offers to confess his guilt, but he wants to talk to Jessica.

   That conversation is one of the most bleak, grim and dispiriting I've ever seen in a comic book - and it's something of a slam (perhaps unintentional) of recent "Event' comics that have shaken up the Marvel Universe.

   The other story ties into the separation between Jessica and her husband, Luke Cage (who gets some wise advice from an old friend).

   Jessica's trying to infiltrate a secret organization that's working against Earth's heroes - but at what cost to her loved ones?

   This series continues to be powerful and sharply written and drawn - but it's not for everyone and it's certainly not for young readers. Mature readers who can handle the bleakness, however, will love it.

Grade: A-



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